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In his book, Gymbag Wisdom, Gary Simmons presents 106 ways to become a better athlete: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Gymbag Wisdom was written mainly for the student athlete and is cleverly narrated by Gary's fictitious character, Gymrat. Gary has worked with athletes at many levels of achievement including professional athletes. At each level, he has observed the differences between great athletes and those athletes that struggled to reach their full potential. For over two decades, Gary has observed 106 common traits that define greatness/winners and those who underachieve.

A peek at Gymbag Wisdom's Table of Contents

Table of contents


Part 1.

Physical Rat-Chat Advice

  1. Swifter On Your Feet
  2. Strength And Power
  3. The Need For Speed
  4. Fuel For Athletics
  5. Sure Hands
  6. Smart-Training Methods

Part 2.

Mental And Emotional

Rat-Chat Advice
  1. Mental Gymnastics
  2. Winning Approach
  3. Winning Ways
  4. Motivation
  5. In Control
  6. The Old Fashion Way
  7. Creating The Will
  8. Support Systems


  1. Locker Room Wrap-Up

Introduction from Gymbag Wisdom

Unlike other books that focus only on developing one aspect of the athlete, this book provides lessons for becoming a complete athlete. Each page in this book presents a different lesson, arranged in no particular order. While the big opportunity is for the young maturing athlete, it's not too late for the college, elite, or even the millions of recreational athletes who want to take their game to a new level. They, too, can improve athletically, especially mentally and emotionally. As you pass through adolescence, you are presented with windows of opportunity for developing your athletic ability. It's important that you engage in proper training techniques because once you pass through these windows, there's no going back. Seize the opportunity! Achieving the peak of your potential someday depends on the foundation of athletic ability (physically and mentally) you develop when you're young. But to tap into what's hidden in your genes, you must train smart. Did you know that just by improving your technique, you'll be able to run faster? Just like a car, if you become more efficient, you won't need a bigger engine to go faster. And did you know that visualization will help you perform at your best in the clutch, or that mental imagery will help improve your physical skills? This book will also motivate and inspire you. It will help you understand what it takes to reach your goals, to fulfill your dreams. After you read this book, keep it handy. Any time you get a few moments, re-read a lesson or two. Some lessons can be applied right away, but many will need reviewing to sink in.

Sample Text from Gymbag Wisdom

# 1 The Best Training Device

Even with today's technology, the jump rope is still the best device for developing your athletic ability - it can do wonders for foot speed, agility, quickness, and coordination. All it takes is ten minutes a day. No aspiring athlete should be without a jump rope. It's the second most important thing that goes into your gym bag (this book is first, of course). Sometimes the simplest things in life have the greatest value. Once you get the hang of skipping rope, mix up your patterns. Jump rope backwards, crisscross your hands, alternate jumping from one foot to the other. Be creative with the rope; challenge your feet. As your jump roping skills improve, you will notice yourself becoming swifter and lighter on your feet. Keep the rope moving, and you'll soon become a better athlete.

# 9 Girls, Add Strength

Since girls are taking sports as seriously as boys, they need to increase their strength. Boys usually come from a more physically active background. Girls enter sports less well prepared physically. They're further away from their strength potential than boys, which means that girls actually have more to gain from strength training. Stay away from the weights until you're about 14, or 15, but long before that hammer down on push-ups, shoulder dips, and pull-ups. Girls' performance will improve over the years, and greater strength will be the main reason. Girls will get stronger and catch up to their strength potential at younger ages. This will allow them to pass through their athletic development years with stronger bodies. As a result, they will mature into better athletes.

# 52 The "Sixth Sense"

Develop a winning instinct. When you have the lead late in the game, don't let your mind drift don't start patting yourself on the back prematurely. Always expect one more big effort from your opponent that can steal the game from under your nose. Keep the intensity one step above your opponent's at all times. Stay in control of the momentum until the final whistle blows. Never give your opponent the feeling that he can recover. Develop a sixth sense for winning.

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