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Talk to the expert. Get the answers you need to achieve your potential. Don't waste your time training the wrong way, with the wrong equipment for the wrong amount of time. Get the facts from time proven results. Click here to speak to Gary directly.

Through one-on-one personal phone coaching, Gary Simmons is able to address specific needs or questions that parents or athletes may have. It's very important for kids' athletic development that parents know what to do for their athletes when they're young. When kids become teenagers, it's very important that they know what sport-specific exercises to do and how to progress with them. It's also very important that they know how to develop the mind-set of a winner.

Here are a few topics Gary covers with parents and teenage athletes:

  • Providing parents with the right answers when receiving conflicting advice.
  • Teaching how to help their kids improve their skills in half the time.
  • Teaching how to keep the fun in sports.
  • Helping them understand their changing roles as their kids get older.
  • Educating on proper sports nutrition.
  • Purchasing proper equipment - what kids need and don't need.
  • Building self-confidence and self-esteem in kids.
  • Being supportive and not over-bearing.

  • Counseling on a continuous basis to enhance sports performance.
  • Working through plateaus.
  • Setting up programs to increase coordination when athletes grow quickly.
  • Helping with the mental aspects of sports.
  • Setting up speed, jumping, quickness, or strength programs.


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